Founder CEO Christopher Kampshoff

Christopher Kampshoff

Founder & CEO

Co-Founder Head of Communications

Jennifer Fizia

Co-Founder & Head of Communications

Co-Founder Head of Software Development Florian J. Breunig

Florian J. Breunig

Co-Founder & Head of Software Development

Head of Back-End Development Andrej Ludinovskov

Andrej Ludinovskov

Head of Back-End Development

Head of Marketing Michaela Bothe

Michaela Bothe

Head of Marketing

iOS Developer Benjamin Otto

Benjamin Otto

iOS Developer

UX-Designer Bettina D'Avila

Bettina D’avila

UX Designer

Android Developer Sathvik Parekodi

Sathvik Parekodi

Android Developer

Sales Manager Moritz Fuerbringer

Moritz Fürbringer

Sales Manager