Split expenses among friends with the Lendstar-app

With the „split expenses“-feature user can split common expenses among each other. Costs of shared living, holiday costs, costs of the bbq or festival costs?

Split expenses easy and safe with the finance-app from Lendstar!

Split expenses with Lendstar: That’s how it works

1. Click in the activity screen on the „+“ and then on the bottom right symbol „split ongoing expenses among your friends“.

2. The creator of the „split expenses“-group can now name it (e.g. split expenses: BBQ-party) and invite his friends.

3. Every member oft he „split expenses“-group can now add expenses which he spent for the group. These expenses can be split up individually among the group members. To add an expense click on the “money bag”-symbol.

Here you can upload a picture which describes your expense, add a comment which explains what your expense is and enter a date when you made this expense.

After that you enter an amount and your expense will be automatically added to the “split expenses”-group.

4. Split expenses: As soon as the event is over all expenses will be calculated and every member will be asked to pay back. To do this click on “Details” in the “split expenses”-group. Then click on “get even” and all expenses will be split finally. From now on no expenses can be added.

Split expenses with the Lendstar-app – any questions left?

No, you always can look into all of your groups no matter when you created them. This makes Lendstar by the way more customer friendly than German banks which don’t show your history from a certain point on!
No that’s unfortunately not possible. You can send them a preview of your “split expenses”-group though. Therefore click in your group on “details” and “share”. On top your friends receive a link to directly download the app.
Yes, that’s possible. Therefore click in the little cross over your expense.
If the result of „splitting expenses“ is that you haven’t payed enough jet you will have to pay some money later on. Therefore open the chat in the group and you will see how much you have to pay additionally. Now you can click on the “pay” button and send the money to the one friend who still waits for it.
No. After splitting the expenses every member hast to pay the full amount back which has been calculated.
The payback can only happen after the final splitting. Until then more expenses can be added by group members.