Send money to your friends

The feature „send money“ is the core of our app. By sending money you directly transfer money from your bank account to one of your friends bank account or to one of your contacts from your mobile phone address book: You have already got everything you need to send money: the phone number of the recipient.
Send money with Lendstar: easy, for free and safe!

Send money with Lendstar – That’s how it works

One thing in advance: Sending money to your friends with Lendstar is quicker than 10 seconds! The money is also transferred directly from bank account to bank account. No annoying intermediate steps with Lendstar!

1. Click in the activity screen on send money

2. After you clicked send money you can enter the amount which you want to send.

3. Then click on „Send“ and choose a contact from your address book to whom you want to send money.

4. Swipe up to send your chosen contact the money. You confirm the transaction with your fingerprint, your Lendstar code or your PIN and TAN.

5. Private group – After sending the money a private group opens so you can chat or do more transactions among each other.

Send money via app to your friends, e.g. for …

… cashing out at the ATM

You and your friend are out and you bot need cash. An ATM of your bank is nowhere close but one of your friend is. In this case you would have to pay to cash out because it’s an ATM which is not of your cash group. What can you do? Just ask your friend if he can cash out for both of you. You pay him back with the “send money” function of Lendstar.

… the beer

You sit relaxed in the beer garden and notice you don’t have any cash with you. No problem! Your friend pays for you and you send him the amount via the “send money” function of Lendstar.

… small amounts after grocery shopping

You are at the counter and your friend pays 3,64€ for your part of the food. You want to pay him back right away but have only got a 20€ note with you. Get on the phone, open the Lendstar app and send him the money!