Your privacy and the security of your data is our biggest concern. Lendstar offers you maximum protection for your personal data.


Our measures for data security:

TLS/SSL Encryption

All communication between the app on your phone and our servers are completely and securely encrypted using the most recent, state-of-the-art cryptography methods. We have been verified and certified by Comodo, a leading internet security provider company which tests websites’ defences.

Certified Privacy

Lendstar holds its own security certificate, which guarantees that our communication and encryption is as secure as it can be. There is no way to falsify this certificate – it is verified by our servers and cross-verified by the security certificate authority.

Privacy “Made in Germany”

All your data is saved in one of Germany’s biggest data centers. This means more safety and privacyfor you: Germany’s information privacy law is one of the most secure in the world, and helps ensures that your data remains safe.

We Do Not Profit From Data

Last but not least: we value your data, but not in the way some other companies value it. We do not and will never sell or give away your data or your personal information. Our business model does not depend in any way on selling our users’ data.

Our measures to ensure secure payment processing:


Security Level: Internet Banking
Lendstar follows all security procedures used in online banking, such as German banks’ TAN methods, and then adds an extra layer just to be sure. We use a two-step verification to ensure that it really is you who is performing a transaction, and TANs are valid for just a few minutes for added security. Our system is at least twice as secure as those that only rely on one method of authentication.

Lendstar Adds An Extra Layer of Security

Besides all the default security measures for online banking and internet transactions, we add a new layer: you can only send money to a limited group of recipients – your friends you have in your contacts list. That way we know that we can only trust somebody if you trust them in the first place!

Phone Security

Your account is linked to your phone device, so another user won’t be able to access it without physical access to your phone. If you run into a problem with your device, such as losing it, another person won’t be able to do any transactions, as the pin is never saved on the phone. This two-step verification ensures your data will be safe.

Encryption, encryption, encryption

All our communication with banks is securely encrypted, following the most recent developments in cryptography. Lendstar and banks speak the same language, too: we follow the same security standards as German banks do, and use the same APIs.

German Law on Your Side

Did we mention German laws regarding data security are extremely strict? That is why we rely on payment providers that are also based in German and subject to the same laws and protocols that we are used to.

Have any questions regarding privacy or security? We would be happy to answer any queries you might have, just send us an email at