Call in money of friends with Lendstar

With the „prepay money“-feature you can directly call in your advanced money. You can use the “prepay money”-feature after a dinner with your friends, a visit at the cinema, for the purchase of the ski passes or after a cab ride.

Call in money with Lendstar – easy, safe and for free!

Call in money with Lendstar: That’s how it works

1. Click in the activity screen on the „+“ and then on the bottom left symbol „call in prepaid money“.

2. You being the creator of the „prepay money“-group name the amount and what you what to call the money in for (e.g. call money in for the ski passes).

3. In the next step you select those friends of your address book of who you want to call in the money. Of every group member you can call the same amount in (e.g. ski passes) or you can call it in individually (e.g. after the restaurant). By clicking “done” your group will be created and an invitation will be sent out to your friends. Now you can easily call in money and chat with your friends via Lendstar.

Call in money with Lendstar – any questions left?

No, you always can look into all of your groups no matter when you created them. This makes Lendstar by the way more customer friendly than German banks which don’t show your history from a certain point on!
With the “prepay money”-group it’s ensured that only people who know and trust each other can call in and repay money among each other. These groups also ease the reciprocity. Today you call the money in and another time you will be the one who repays. In this way these groups represent an own little community.
No that’s not possible unfortunately. You can send them a preview of your “prepay group” though. Therefore click in your group on “details” and “share”. On top your friends receive a link to directly download the app.
Per request you can maximum lend and call in 9.999 Euro.
The person you lent money to can pay you until the expiring date of the „prepay money“-group. If needed we will remind your friend via SMS and/or email about his remaining payment.
Therefore click into the chat of the group. Now you can click on the button “pay” and send the creator the money.
Because this is a repayment of an advanced payment it’s not possible to just pay back a part of the total amount.