Collect money among friends with Lendstar

With the „collect money“ feature you can collect money for a certain event. With this feature you can collect money for a birthday present or for a holiday with your friends.
Collect money with Lendstar: easy, for free and safe!

Collect money with Lendstar: That’s how it works

  1. Click in the activity screen on the „+“ and then on the top right symbol „collect money for an event“. You can create a “borrow group” now

2. The creator of the group enters the amount and the purpose of the collection (e.g. collecting money for a birthday present).

3. In the next step you select those friends from your address book with who you want to collect money with. By clicking “done” your group is being created and the invitations are sent out. Now you can collect money for your next holiday, chat inside the group and plan the next trip.

Collect money: any questions left?

No, you always can look into all of your groups no matter when you created them. This makes Lendstar by the way more customer friendly than German banks which don’t show your history from a certain point on!
With this group it’s ensured that only people who know and trust each other can collect money together. In this way these groups represent an own little community.
Yes that is possible. Therefore click on „details“ in your „collect group“, then on „share“ and then select the contacts from your address book. Those contacts will receive a link which will lead them to a safe Lendstar-website where they can add money to the group even though they are not registered at Lendstar.
Per request you can maximum collect 9.999 Euro. If or how much you will collect is not in our hands.

Contribute money to a “collect group”

Therefore click in the activity screen on the “collect-group”.

Now you can click on the money symbol on your right, enter the amount you want to contribute to this group and send it to the creator.

At any time you can decide yourself how much money you want to contribute. Of course you can lend the total amount which was requested but it doesn’t have to be. As a maximum you can contribute 9.999 Euro.